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Weavers Studio Centre For The Arts was inaugurated as a not for profit trust with the mission statement Garnering Talent, Nurturing Creativity. It is an organisation that promotes performing and non performing arts and aims to create awareness in the field of art and culture. The Centre is a multipurpose space for exhibitions & creativity. The Centre has organised workshops for music enthusiasts, theatre and cinema buffs, held CD launches and showcased excellence in dance, music and theatre. We present more than 100 events throughout the year at our Centre in Ballygunge as well as outside venues. The Centre offers a year long membership to interested patrons who, for a nominal fee, can avail of invites to hundreds of ticketed and non-ticketed events at the Centre and outside venues at a special discounted rate. There is also the advantage of reserved seating at these ticketed events. If you are interested, please see “Membership” details to fill in form.


To promote the true essence of art and culture To showcase excellence in the arts – dance, music, theatre, film, story-telling, puppetry, photography – tapping local, national and global talents/resources To organise appreciation classes & workshops for music enthusiasts, theatre and cinema buffs, fine art lovers and the culturally enthused people from all platforms of creativity To create a core group of performing and non-performing artistes who can interact with their counterparts from across the world To archive and bring to the public domain our vast repertoires To organise and take part in shows, recitals, exhibitions, conferences, seminars in India and abroad, both through public and private sponsorships To bring the rich Indian Traditional Heritage of Art and Culture to the publc domain and create awareness of its importance.

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