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For usage of space

The Centre is available for rental at a very reasonable amount, the details of which are given below

Timings Monday to Saturday 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm : ` 5500/- & Sundays 10:30 am – 7:30 pm. Rent ` 10000/-

  • • Timings: 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm or any 4 hours of the day as required
  • • Facilities provided by the Centre: Help in Set up, with electricity and 1 peon for assistance
  • • Complementary Tea for 50 persons
  • • Events uploaded on our website and our Facebook page
  • • Stage, Lights, Sound, Sound Assistant (to handle the mixer and other sound arrangements) ` 2500
  • • Press listings, media coverage, press release, bulk emailing, bulk sms-ing to our guest-lists through our media person.
  • • Designing cards, posters and flexes ` 750 each
  • • Printing at actuals + 10% admin charges
  • • Photographs & Video Recording ` 1000
  • • Any additional hospitality charges, including additional food arrangement at actuals
  • • Information would be required on the exact hanging of pictures/any other

Art Exhibitions ` 10, 000 per day from 2 pm to 7 pm (inclusive of all facilities except designing and printing)

Inauguration Timings Between 5.30 pm – 8 pm or Art Exhibitions in collaboration with WSCA ` 5000 per day from 2 pm to 7 pm plus 15% of sales (All other rates and terms as applicable)

For Performing Arts – Musical Programmes, Workshops, Dance Programmes, Theatre and other events, the charges would be ` 2500 per hour (stage, sound, lights, seating ) and ` 2000 per hour without sound only, other details remain the same

Points to be noted

  • • The Centre is air-conditioned, with power back up available
  • • Professional sound system, stage, mikes and recording facility available at charges mentioned above
  • • Lights and air-conditioner will be put out by sharp 8.45 pm or an additional charge will be levied of ` 150 for every half hour delay beyond 8.45 pm
  • • If the hall is booked and paid for, Cancellation Charges will be 50%. The other 50% will be refunded
  • • Refundable security deposit of ` 3000
  • • For events and exhibitions: Invites sent out to our guest list through emails and sms reminders
  • • Concept note for the event to be sent to us which will be used for a press release
  • • Event details sent out to the press for newspaper listings and media coverage
  • • For Exhibition and events held at the centre we can arrange for the tea (extra charges for food)
  • • Bulk emailing and bulk sms done and sent out to the guests
  • • Cards/Posters not designed by us, need to be approved first by Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts before printing
  • • Facebook Event Page creation and event uploaded on the Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts page (
  • • No diyas or candles or incense sticks can be used for any programs
  • • No sticker tape or nails can be used for any decoration – walls cannot be used for decorations
  • • For an art exhibition, we have our hanging systems and 1 person who will help to hang the works
  • • Incase a program or exhibition is kept open on a Sunday, additional ` 1000 will be charged to take care of the staff and overheads and overtime payments and additional transport given to them
  • • Beyond these timings , an additional charge will be levied to cover the cost of the additional electricity and staff overtime etc
  • • Any damage to the property – walls, floor, bathrooms, furniture – will be charged to the person who has rented the centre for their program
  • • Additional sound and lights – if put – will be charged additional electricity charges
  • • 24 hrs before the program we must be informed of the electrical load for us to seek advice and clearance from our electrician
  • • The centre must be cleared and all personal belongings of the performers be removed within 8.30 pm so that we can check the centre for damages and issue a clearance certificate
  • • Workshops , lecture demonstrations, press meets, private screenings, book launches and CD launches, award functions,etc – timings would be worked out mutually and adhered to
  • • No non-veg food allowed in the premises
  • • No alcohol, or other addictives allowed inside the premises
  • • Wine can be served for special events provided the permissions are taken and paid for by the organiser
  • • For rentals, all payments need to be cleared at least three working days before the event date
  • • The Centre will make a note of address, as an introduction and a conclusion for the event and will show any video/audio presentation as necessary (not exceeding 5 minutes)

By order and on behalf of

Founder Trustee

Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts
94, Ballygunge Place,
Kolkata 700019
Phone +91 33 2461 3145

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