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Ms Darshan Shah set up “Weavers Studio” in December 1993, at Kolkata with the mission statement “Use as many hands as possible”. Young women from different strata of society were employed and trained in the language and aesthetics of our rich textile heritage. Weavers Studio has dedicated itself to working intensively and extensively at the grassroots level with craftspersons, museums and experts.

Rangeen was the production and job working unit set up a year after Weavers Studio was inaugurated and hand block & screen printing, hand weaving, value-added textile techniques such as batik, shibori, clamp, felting, embroideries were undertaken in house as well as to support the export business.

Veda Commercial Pvt. Ltd, the export arm of ‘Weavers Studio’, was started in December 1993 with the Mission Statement “Taking India’s rich textile heritage, culture, techniques and arts to the world” and has given fresh impetus to hand spun, hand woven “khadi”, jamdani, natural dyeing, hand block printing, kantha, chikankari, appliqué & shibori.

Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts was inaugurated in 2007, as a not for profit trust with the mission statement ‘Garnering Talent, Nurturing Creativity’ to promote all performing and non performing arts. The Centre is a multipurpose space for exhibitions & creativity in all its forms.

“Weavers Studio Resource Centre” works with the mission statement “because everybody deserves their happily ever after” and has adopted a cluster of 9 villages initiating development work that includes providing basic amenities like clean water, sanitation, health care, educational facilities and vocational training to the women & children in the area.

A Textile Study Centre has been set up to promote awareness of our vast textile heritage. We have a collection of 1250 rare and old textiles and a library of 2000 reference books on textiles and allied subjects. Interning students, researchers, authors, teachers, designers have easy access to this collection.

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