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“Weavers Studio Resource Centre” conducts training linked to jobs, literacy, holistic & healthcare programmes and encourages the formation of Self Help Groups. Work locations constitute parts of Kolkata and South 24 Parganas in the state of West Bengal.

Since 2007, Weavers Studio Resource Centre has worked tirelessly by supporting various causes and assisting other agencies. Starting with supply of life saving medicines and essential items to the victims of Aila (West Bengal), Weavers Studio Resource Centre has distributed food grains, blankets, sweaters, garments, medical aid, toys, books, school bags, water bottles, etc to organizations like orphanages, old age homes, destitute centres, cancer centres and institutions for the mentally challenged. Weavers Studio Resource Centre also works with institutions like Udayan Care and Anant Education Initiatives, garnering support from its patrons for the education of young girls & boys.

Our office is located at 5/1, Anil Moitra Road, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata. A major part of our work is being carried out under the personal supervision of our executives. Work at the grassroots level is managed in collaboration with agencies that undertake the on-site work and followed up with a stringent audit and report system.


Weavers Studio Resource Centre works with a vision of providing basic healthcare, sanitation, education & employment. The aim is to create employment opportunities at the villages and to increase awareness on nutrition, family planning, mother & child health, care for the elderly and disabled, nurture and educate the orphaned & destitute and support the mentally challenged and critically ill.


So far,

•  Over 2500 people have been medically assessed, treated for various ailments and given free medicines at 7 general camps. Two free medical clinics are being held at the villages every month

•  80 cataract surgeries done & more than 800 spectacles have been distributed

•  Free eye checkup was conducted at 13 primary schools for 1600 students

•  3 Tube wells installed at the villages

•  Clean Water Projects installed at Moushal Primary school & Gangapur FP School

•  Poultry Farming successfully implemented for 12 women at Chandipur village

•  Tree Plantation completed at 13 primary schools and 850 homes at the 9 villages

•   Raincoats, plates, sweaters, shoes & socks, water bottles, story books, games, etc. have been distributed to primary school children

•   Wheel chairs, cycles and umbrellas distributed to the needy

•   Special classes on health, hygiene, nutrition and anti plastic awareness are being conducted at all schools. Sanitation awareness sessions are carried out in villages

•   Demographic and Bio diversity surveys were conducted in the area to help us in charting our course of development work

•    Two boys with severe vision problems were successfully  operated upon after consultation with expert doctors from different hospitals

•   We have donated blankets, sweaters, clothes, toys, books,food grains etc. to various other charities like Navanir old age homes, Anjali Home for Mentally Challenged, St Jude’s Cancer Centres, Howrah South Point, Child Care Home, Nijoloy Home, CHIP, Tollygunge Homes, Mother’s Nest, Akshaypatra, Anant, Udayan Care, etc.


We are co-ordinating with the District Magistrate, the local BDO, agencies like Development Action Society, Nature Mates, GOAL India, Lions Club, Eye Care & Research Hospital, Matri Bhavan, Manavjyot, Diabetes Awareness & You, Cancer Society, etc to bring about positive changes at our work areas. Corporates like the Infinity Group, Belani Group, Siddha Group, Dhunseri Group, Patton International, Chandkumari Sunderlal Golchha Trust, Ladies Study Group Charitable Trust and many Individual patrons have supported us generously on various projects.


Weavers Studio Resource Centre works with a vision to provide basic healthcare, sanitation, education & employment to over 4500 residents at the adopted village cluster. The aim is to create employment opportunities and impart specific job oriented vocational training at the village cluster so that the residents are gainfully employed. The goal is to increase awareness on nutrition, family planning, mother & child health so that every person over the age of 18 is able to contribute financially and to his family.

Along with our developmental work, we aim to reach out to the elderly, the mentally challenged, the disabled & destitute and the critically challenged by regularly donating food grains, medicines, clothing, books, etc. to the respective organisations.

TARGET FOR 2014-15

•   Implementation of Poultry farming project for 16 underprivileged boys & 48 women from the villages

•   Continuing free medical clinics for the 4500 village residents

•   Installation of water project at all the primary schools

•   Implementation of English speaking classes for primary school children

•   Vocational Training-Implementing Paper bags & jute bags making project for women and introduction of other vocational training programmes

•   Structural repairs at primary schools – like repair of toilets, classroom furniture etc

•   Providing sweaters and shoes & socks to all primary school children

•   Free Medical Check up Camps at the villages – 4 camps every year

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