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Weavers Studio Resource Centre has adopted a cluster of 9 villages in Bhangore 1 area of South 24 Paraganas with a vision of providing basic healthcare, sanitation, education & employment to the 4500 plus residents. The aim is to create employment opportunities and impart specific job oriented vocational training at the village cluster so that the residents are gainfully employed. The goal is to increase awareness on nutrition, family planning, mother & child health so that every person over the age of 18 is able to contribute financially and to his family and every person below 18 contributes by being socially aware, hardworking, sensitive to environment and helps to teach their siblings and illiterate elders, initiates change and becomes self motivated.

When we started work in the area, these villages did not have proper Roads, Clean water, Toilets, Electricity, Primary Health Centre, Vocational Training centre or any special Awareness Education for the children at the schools. After having a demographic and bio diversity survey of the area done by a professional organisation, Weavers Studio Resource Centre decided to start work in the fields of Health, Education, Sanitation and Vocational training.


We started with conduction large Free Health Check up camps for the residents of the village cluster. Eye checkup, spectacles, cataract surgeries etc was taken care of in co-ordination with Lions North Calcutta Hospital. Mother & Child health check up was organised at the camps in collaboration with Matri Bhavan.

After connecting with the local government officials, school teachers and residents through these camps, we collaborated with Development Action Society to implement “Health & Livelihood Intervention Programme” at the villages. Under this programme–

•   Two free medical clinics are being held at the primary schools in the area every month. The village residents have started visiting these clinics where they can consult doctors regularly and avail free medicines

•   Children who are found to be undernourished are given free nutrition packs by us

•   Adult Education Classes are being taken regularly and assistance is provided for government linkage

•   Mother & child health issues are being addressed regularly at meetings where awareness on cleanliness, hygiene & sanitation is stressed upon

•   Pregnant women are educated on the importance of delivering the baby at a nearby hospital. Lactating mothers are taught about the need to eat nutritional food and care of babies

Free Eye Check up for 1600 students of 13 primary schools was done in co-ordination with Eye Care & Research Centre.  Doctors and Nutrition experts also spoke to the children & mothers at each of these camps

Two young boys from the village schools who had severe eye problems were successfully operated upon at Eye Care and Research Institute

Conduction of Free Health Check up camps continues – one camp is held every 3-4 months and is attended by atleast 300 patients.


Weavers Studio Resource Centre conducts Hygiene & Sanitation Awareness Classes at all the 13 primary school in the area in collaboration with Development Action Society. School Children are being taught to keep themselves and their surroundings clean. Awareness on the damaging effects of plastic is spread and children are encouraged to join Anti plastic campaign

At every awareness class, mothers are also invited so as to ensure that the whole family adopts healthy & clean habits

During Monsoons, saplings of medicinal and fruit trees were given to all the primary schools and 850 homes at the villages

Story books and games have been distributed to the school children and they are encouraged to form the habit of reading

Weavers Studio Resource Centre has distributed raincoats and food plates to all the 1600 primary school children


Weavers Studio Resource Centre has installed 3 Tube Wells at the villages to tide over the issue of water shortage

Most of the schools in the area do not have any clean water source. Weavers Studio Resource Centre has completed clean water projects at two schools in the area where an overhead storage tank, pipeline, reservoir, motor pump, taps, etc. were installed so as to ensure clean running water in taps for all the school children


In co-ordination with Development Action Society, 12 women from the severely underprivileged area of Chandipur village were selected, trained on Poultry Farming ad given start up support. These women have completed the first cycle of Poultry projects, earned profits and re invested the same in expanding their work

Resource Centre Bhangore Project