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GOOD KARMA–Work with other charities


St Jude India Child Care Centre

St Jude with its centres provides free of cost housing for children with cancer and their parents, along with free nutritional support, transportation services to take these children to the hospital, counseling services as well as activities such as ‘art-based therapy’ to keep them engaged and motivated during their time away from the hospital. Weavers Studio Resource Centre has sponsored one accommodation unit for cancer patient and donates foodgrains, sweaters, blankets, jackets, socks, caps, toys, books, games, etc regularly for the 30 children and their parents staying at the 2 centres in Kolkata.


Navanir Old Age Home

Clean, safe and well managed old age home for seniors. Weavers Studio Resource Centre regularly donates medicines, foodgrains, blankets, bedsheets, towels, napkins, shawls, sweaters, socks etc to the senior residents.

Tollygunge Homes

An old age home in Tollygunge area where Weavers Studio Resource Centre donated food grains. The seniors have now started farming as a productive activity on the vacant land at the Old Age Home premises.


Anjali Home For Mentally Challenged

Anjali coordinates with the mentally challenged residents of Lumbini Park Mental Hospital and Pavlov Hospital. Weavers Studio Resource Centre has distributed sweaters, caps, socks, blankets, ready-to-eat packed foods etc, to the 100 residents of Lumbini Park Hospital.

Manovikas Kendra, Rajpur

Weavers Studio Resource Centre donated sweaters to all the 131 students of this school.


Child Care Home (Sukanto Nagar) and Nijoloy Home (Jessore Road) Home for women and children of trafficking and abuse. Weavers Studio Resource Centre has donated cupboards, water bottles, books, toys & games for the residents of these two homes. Weavers Studio Resource Centre also conducted tailoring and hand block printing workshops for the girls at these homes.

Howrah Orphanage-Pranav Kendra

A residential home for 25 orphan girls. Weavers Studio Resource Centre has donated 5 computers to facilitate computer education for these young girls.

Howrah South Point

A cluster of 3 homes in Howrah and at other locations in West Bengal – they provide a home to the disabled and homeless children and adults. Weavers tudio resource Centre has donated foodgrains, clothes, toys, games, books etc for the people staying at these homes.

Mother’s Nest

An orphanage with 25 children where Weavers Studio Resource Centre regularly donates foodgrains, blankets, toys etc.


An organisation that focuses on helping children, especially those in need and in pain. They provide help in the fields of health, education and vocational training. Weavers Studio Resource Centre donated sweaters to all the children of CHIP.


Udayan Care

Weavers Studio Resource Centre conducts workshops on life skills for the young girls of Udayan Care on every Saturday at the Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts which are attended by 40 young girls in 2 batches.

Anant Education Initiatives

Anant Education Initiative, aims to empower education by eliminating obstacles born out of poverty and thus creating new footprints of knowledge within our society. Anant Merit Scholarship is for aspiring meritorious students from the economically weaker sections of society irrespective of caste, creed, faith or race – so that they can pursue higher studies after successfully clearing the Class X & Class Xll Board exams. Weavers Studio Resource Centre connects patrons who want to support education to this esteemed organisation.

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