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A Textile Study Centre to promote an improved public understanding and awareness of our vast textile heritage by bringing our own private collections to the public domain through special exhibitions, documentation and publications.

The Weavers Studio Resource Centre (WSRC) at Kolkata is a pioneering private initiative dedicated to the study and dissemination of knowledge and information on the rich textile traditions of Bengal and India. We have a collection of 1200 rare and old textiles. They were accessioned, catalogued and conserved as per international norms and industry best practices by Eka Cultural Resources & Research, a New Delhi based museum archiving and cataloguing company.

The current cataloguing process has been implemented to ensure that students, teachers, scholars, researchers and the interested larger public can have easy access to this invaluable resource. It is further hoped that weavers, designers and other textile practitioners working in the field and in allied areas of study will use this resource. The availability of a referenced and catalogued archive facilitates further study in the textile heritage of the region and allows for research and possible revival of lost and threatened textile techniques.


To make the Study Centre truly effective, a library of reference books with more than 3000 titles on textiles and allied subjects has also been set up.

The end aim of the Centre is to piece together bit by bit the rich and varied historic textile legacy of Bengal and its surrounding regions while ensuring that they are accessible and speak to a new generation of contemporary practitioners of the craft. Our director aims at adding more books on textiles and trades and techniques to this collection.

• Weavers Studio Resource Centre has created a library as part of its social responsibility mission
• To build a Centre for sharing knowledge in different vocations and craft
• To build a platform for practice for the sustenance and evolution in its area of expertise with a focus and commitment
• The library is situated at Kasba industrial estate, Kolkata and comprised of a well-equipped office with a computer, Library Management Software and a well-organised reading room with books