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"I would just like to say that ever since our first meeting with Ms.Darshan in Osaka and to this very day; I am always amazed by the variety of fabrics you are making whether it be in silks or other natural fabrics; the vibrant and lovely colors, your designs and intricate embroideries on various items always keep us coming back for more. I very much appreciate the work you do and hope you keep it up. We’ll be coming to Kolkata again during January, 2020, hope to see you then."

Clothes maketh the (wo)man! And great clothes need great fabric. At Devotie, I am always looking for fabrics that are rooted and artisanal. Weavers' hand-woven fabric goes a long way in not just help us churn out great attire but it also makes a statement for the hands behind the wefts and weaves. Kudos to Darshan and her vision.

It was a pleasure to work with your esteemed organization in the past on shows as. « PERFUME », « IN SECRET », « L’EMPEREUR DE PARIS », « THE PROMISE », « BABYLON BERLIN ». Your experience, talented taste, invaluable designs, everytime make me happy and are a guarantee of quality. In my capacity as costume designer, our professional relationship of course is something I will be happy to continue and develop.

I am very much satisfied with your service. Especially color rubbing fastness And sarees are also nice.

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