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Artisans Quarantined

Artisans Quarantined
09/04/2020 apixelhouse
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Covid-19… Lockdown…Stay home, Stay Safe !!

As darkness hovers over us all, as uncertainty has gripped our soul, suddenly there is a prolong ‘thud’. Earlier where the space was filled by the rhythmic ‘thak.. thak’ of the hand operated looms, the stamping of wooden blocks, the soft murmurs of women working on tie & dye patterns and the constant whir of tailoring machines, its all now replaced by a fear of silence. Its all gone cold.

At home, she is bent over a piece of silk, working fine kantha stitches and worrying what the future holds. She understands that it is for the good of all, but the uncertainty gnaws at her heart. We are in the same storm but not in the same boat. For some quarantine is optimal moment of reflection, of re connection and for others, this is a desperate crisis.

We, at Weavers Studio, are dealing with this pandemic as a team. The warp and the weft binds us together as one. Our workers are all working safely from their homes. We stand by our artisans.

For the last 27 years, Weavers Studio has worked with the mission statement “Use as many hands as possible”. We have employed and trained young women from different strata of society in the aesthetics of our rich textile heritage. And today, we have hundreds of craftsmen & women working towards preserving our textile art forms, without harming the environment and creating a better future while sustaining their art.

Our master craftsmen coming from various parts of Bengal and neighbouring districts, work day in and day out to curate brilliance. Over the years, as a company we have been through several ups and down but the challenge that we face today is nothing like what we have faced ever.

COVID – 19 would perhaps linger longer than we had anticipated. Work that was carried at our store and our factory has paused momentarily. We have to maintain ‘social distancing norms’. What was real has become virtual. Business practices that were far flung have slowly been integrated in our daily lives. New habits are already being put to test across the fashion industry.

We are rethinking our approaches. We are utilising this time to create better management practices, better logistics, better services. Our clients have always been our priority and we stand by them in these difficult times.

Even though we have been a very brick and mortar branch, we are shifting focus on our online presence. We are rebuilding our competencies. We are becoming a truly digital company with our roots firmly grounded with our principles. While we prepare ourselves within the confines of our rooms, while we create what we love, while we reassess our situation and come back stronger than ever, WE are waiting for YOU!

What about you?

Let us all navigate these difficult times with respect, empathy and responsibility !