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  • Oct012020

    Indigo – “The Blue Gold” in India

    Indigo is the oldest known dye known to humans. A specimen of fabric dyed with indigo was discovered in Huaca…

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  • Sep152020

    Tussar Silk- Nature’s Simplicity, Man’s Grandeur

    With the festive season just around the corner, an apparel made from Tussar Silk is a wardrobe essential for all…

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  • Aug112020

    Khadi – A symbol of Revolution

    “ The Khadi spirit means fellow-feeling with every human being on Earth.” — – M.K Gandhi For most people of this…

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  • Jul102020

    MAKE IT LAST- Sustainable Fashion

    Sustainable fashion can be described as clothing, shoes and accessories that are created and used, while also taking environmental as…

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  • Jun122020

    Phenomenal Women

    “As the legend goes, when the phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before.”- Anonymous There…

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  • May112020

    Revival of Natural Dyeing For Sustainable Craft Practices

    Recently there has been a major upsurge and shift in the demand for textiles colourant with comparison to natural dyes…

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  • Apr092020

    Artisans Quarantined

    Covid-19… Lockdown…Stay home, Stay Safe !! As darkness hovers over us all, as uncertainty has gripped our soul, suddenly there…

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