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Khadi – A symbol of Revolution

Khadi – A symbol of Revolution
11/08/2020 apixelhouse
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“ The Khadi spirit means fellow-feeling with every human being on Earth.”

— – M.K Gandhi

For most people of this generation,Gandhi Jayanti is just another holiday and Khadi is a fabric that is not really a part of mainstream fashion. Some consider Gandhi Jayanti as a holiday that ensures freedom from school or work even if it
is just for one day.The word ‘freedom’ is elemental here, have we ever paused to think how Khadi in a way has symbolized the freedom we enjoy.


Mahatma Gandhi’s name has always been linked with Khadi. Gandhi Jayanti is a celebration of the birth of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi popularly known as “Bapu”. It is a well known fact that Mahatma Gandhi rekindled the usage of Khadi during the freedom movement to stop the British from exploiting Indians by charging exorbitantly high prices for imported clothes. He encouraged villagers to use the charkha to weave their own clothes and then dye them. People did not have to rely on imported clothes to dress themselves, all imported material was burnt. Khadi became a weapon of revolution, wearing Khadi meant not depending on the colonizers, it was a symbol of pride and patriotism. The cotton used to weave Khadi was harvested from cotton fields and the entire process was eco friendly.

At Weavers Studio, Khadi is still made by an eco friendly process and it continues to be the voice of the people. During the freedom movement, Khadi was a means to defeat poverty and unemployment.Today, Khadi is still a means to address economic disparity and overcome, allowing domestic weavers to provide for themselves. We at Weavers Studio encourage this practice by working with hand-woven Khadi only. Creation of Khadi continues to give jobs to numerous people who would otherwise be unemployed. It continues to be a tool to overcome social evils. At the time of the freedom movement, the fabric that brought people together, continues to inspire unity and harmony.
Khadi was and continues to be a ‘Swadeshi fabric in the truest sense of the word. Give Khadi a chance, after all it is the only fabric that serves as a reminder of the thousands of lives sacrificed so that we can lead a comfortable life.

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