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MAKE IT LAST- Sustainable Fashion

MAKE IT LAST- Sustainable Fashion
10/07/2020 apixelhouse
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Sustainable fashion can be described as clothing, shoes and accessories that are created and used, while also taking environmental as well as social and economic aspects into account. Sustainable fashion is a procession towards the greater ecological integrity while empowering a change to fashion products and the fashion system. Weaver’s Studio is pioneering the journey of luxury textiles towards sustainability.

Our collection comprises of specialized fabrics, stoles, scarves, shawls, patch scrolls, art textiles, sarees and garments. These textiles are all handcrafted by artisans using varied techniques of hand block printing, screen printing, roller textures, stencils, sprays, hand paint, surface ornamentation, hand embroidery, hand weaving, value addition such as batik, shibori, appliqué, felting, tribal embroidery and more.

Weavers Studio takes strides towards sustainable fashion as it brings together as many hands as possible who work in synergy to create handcrafted luxury apparel. Weavers Studio uses the utmost number of hands to preserve and enhance the Indian textile heritage and the artisans who pour the soul into their crafts. The production of these elegant fabrics encourages people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. Our fabrics not only encourage the ones who wear them but also the ones who make it.

Sustainable fashion is not restricted with the fashion textiles or the products merely, rather they encompass the entire system of fashion – which means dealing with the interdependent social, ecological, cultural and financial systems. It also includes thinking fashion from the stakeholder’s perspectives – producers, users, all the living beings as well as future generations. Sustainable fashion thereby falls to the key responsibility of citizens, the private sector as well as the public sector and the international forum.