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Tussar Silk- Nature’s Simplicity, Man’s Grandeur

Tussar Silk- Nature’s Simplicity, Man’s Grandeur
15/09/2020 apixelhouse
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With the festive season just around the corner, an apparel made from Tussar Silk is a wardrobe essential for all women. There is something about the rich fabric in jewel tones that resonates with the festive spirit and the arrival of Ma Durga. The inherent sheen and the polished smoothness of the fabric can change the way you look and feel about yourself. Picture yourself standing out in a room full of people with poise and elegance that the fabric lends you.
When you revel in the grandeur of the alluring material take time to note it is sourced from raw elements of nature. In order to make it to your wardrobe it has gone through a rigorous process which involves boiling and drying of wild silkworm cocoons, extraction and weaving of silk followed by beautification of the fabric.

Different techniques are used to beautify the fabric. There is a Tussar Silk for everyone, take a pick from a wide array of options –ShiboriBlock PrintingBatikKantha Stitch, etc.

As you enjoy the feel of the fabric on your body, recognize it as a boon of nature. Just as a clump of clay is moulded into the divine idol of the goddess, Tussar Silk is woven into a masterpiece from a lump of silk from a cocoon. The creation of something so exquisite from something so simple is a beautiful

Celebrate Tussar Silk sarees as a symbol of a rich heritage and culture that is passed on from one generation to the next. It may be the sari that you wore for the first time you met your future husband and he liked it because it brought out the colour in your eyes. It may be the essence of a thousand memories that are woven into it just like the fine fabric is woven with love and care. Take a moment to think of all the people who put in their hard work so that you can flaunt this luxurious classic.


Weavers Studio brings numerous people together who work in a synchronised manner to create handcrafted luxury in the form of apparel. Just as Goddess Durga is empowered with her ten hands to defeat evil, Weavers Studio uses as many hands as possible to protect and uplift the Indian textile heritage and the craftsmen who pour the soul into their craft. Creating these beautiful fabrics give people the opportunity to believe in themselves and fulfill their dreams. Tussar Silk not only empowers the women who wear it but also the people who are involved in making it.